WAN Design, Implementation, Management

A WAN infrastructure is simply the circuits and equipment that get you connected to the rest of the world. For small businesses, this can be as simple as cable or FiOS service and a simple router. For other business with bigger needs, this can be more complex with redundant circuits and automatic failover. 

Your WAN infrastructure is critical in keeping locations in constant communication with your main headquarters. Proper circuitry is critical to keeping all locations on line and in constant communication with your main office. When a problem arises, who is responsible for getting the issue resolved? How long does it take to get an issue resolved? Is backup connectivity available in the event of an issue? 

Screaming Technologies has built WAN infrastructures for a variety of organizations, allowing for communications to take place between the various offices seamlessly. When issues arise, we are instantly alerted that there is an issue and begin to take corrective action restoring connectivity as soon as possible. 

A properly built WAN infrastructure gets your offices in communication with each other. A properly maintained infrastructure keeps the communications going.