Cloud / Remote Backup

You have data. Data that is critical to your business operations. Can you rely on your current backup solutions in the event of a disaster? What happens when a backup job fails; who is responsible for verifying the backup and taking corrective action if there is a failure? Is your backup data stored in house? If you were to lose all of your data, would your business be able to survive? The odds are against you if you have a data failure. 

Screaming Technologies offers a cloud / remote backup solution that is unparalleled. With support for both Windows and Linux operating systems, all types of backups are supported. Not all backups are the same; SQL backups are different than flat file backups. Exchange backups need to be done correctly to protect data. Virtual Machines also are another backup challenge. Screaming Technologies’ cloud backup solution addresses all of these concerns and more. With full support for MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Exchange 2007/2010, Hyper-V, and, of course, regular flat file backups, we offer a 60 day retention period standard (longer retention available), and capacities ranging from 20Gb of online storage to 6Tb, all in an encrypted format, keeping you in compliance. 

We’ll set up the backup jobs for you, run test restores, and prove to you that your backups are secure and that when you need to rely on a backup, we’ve got you covered. When was the last time you verified that your backups restored all the data you needed?