Connectivity / Transit

Connectivity is a commodity. Connectivity also comes in a wide variety of forms. What is the right choice for you? Does cable offer you the proper response time for restoration in the event of an outage? Traditional TDM solutions are often times out of date, and fiber-based solutions may be too costly. We’ll work with you to identify how critical an uninterrupted connection is for you, while balancing it with your budget. For some customers, cable or FiOS may be the answer, while for other customers, Metro Ethernet with guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are more appropriate. 

Along with picking the technology in which your service is delivered, another important consideration is the Internet provider giving you your transit. Not all ISPs are the same; many lower-tiered ISPs have one or two upstream carriers that they run all of their traffic through. They are simply reselling you transit they purchased at wholesale or mass quantity. When they have an outage or their upstream has an outage, you’re left in the dark. Screaming Technologies has over 12 years in actual ISP operations and we can guide you towards solid, reliable networks and steer you clear of smaller ISPs who put your company at your risk. 

Many clients have locations that are “hard to get to”. While traditional forms of connectivity may be unavailable to you, options likely do exist. We have installed broadband connections in the oddest of locations where traditional connectivity would never be possible. 

Before picking your next form of connectivity, let’s review the options available to you.