Telecommunications Audit

Your accounting department receives a telecommunications bill. They pay the bill, but do they really understand all of the charges on the bill and if they are correct? Are circuits and lines being paid for that were, or should have been, cancelled years ago? Are you running on a month to month rate, or in the most cost effective package for your telecommunications need? Many businesses don’t know, or can’t read a telecommunications bill on their own. 

Screaming Technologies has been working with telecommunications companies for years. We understand term discounts, various packages and plans, and most importantly, how to identify what the charges on your bill are for. We can help you review these charges and determine if you are spending money on services no longer used, old out of date pricing plans, or if you are incorrectly being billed in general. 

One featured client found over $3k a month savings once we reviewed their telecommunications bills and identified a handful of circuits they believed were cancelled, yet were still being billed. Additionally, their calling plans were out of date, and month to month terms. We successfully removed the unused services from their bill, migrated their remaining services in to more cost effective plans and saved them a bundle each month.