Network Security

Securing your network may be one of the most important aspects of your IT infrastructure and operations. Ensuring outsiders can’t access your business critical data can be a challenge in todays world, where attacks and methods of obtaining data can be so varied. 

It all starts at the perimeter and works its way in. A proper firewall that does more than just mask inside users through an external address (NAT) is required. A proper firewall inspects packets to verify the integrity of the data, dropping data that is hazardous to your network and business. Properly configure firewalls will only allow access to those services that truly should be publicly available. Once a firewall is installed, it needs to be maintained. It also needs to be tested and verified through the use of an external perimeter scan and penetration testing. 

Beyond the firewall, ensuring proper permissions are enforced among the network is essential. Can anyone hop on your WiFi, access your file server and obtain data? Or do you have proper authentication and encryption on your network restricting access only to those users who are fully authenticated? 

These are just some of the challenges in network security that Screaming Technologies has years of working with clients on resolving.