Cloud Servers

All the buzz today is about the “cloud”. What is the “cloud”? Generally speaking, “cloud” simply refers to something that is hosted at a robust datacenter. There are many varying degrees of datacenters that host your services. Datacenters range based upon their core infrastructure. Some “cloud” providers simply have one or two other networks they interconnect with, leaving you more vulnerable than if your provider has multiple egress points at different points across their network, with redundant connectivity. Another key factor to picking a cloud provider is the underlying equipment powering the cloud offering. With an array of virtualization technologies on the market, questions need to be asked as to what is the hypervisor running your virtual machines? What hardware is the cloud server built on? What about storage? Is it redundant and replicated, or is fragile and weak? While price may be an important decision when picking a “cloud” provider, is the savings worth the downtime when they have a network failure? Screaming Technologies has built many networks and worked with many Internet providers. We have the experience, know-how, and knowledge of what comprises a robust network, versus a network that is vulnerable to outages. 

Benefits of “cloud” servers are the independence of hardware. No more concern over things that many small businesses are susceptible to; hardware issues, power failures, network outages. When picked correctly, your virtual machine resides on a highly robust headend server with redundant storage, connectivity and power. An interruption of service on another network should be unnoticeable to you. 

Screaming Technologies has partnered with several of the top ranked “cloud” server providers. We can help make your transition to the cloud seamless.