VoIP Solutions

When most people hear “VoIP” they think of something like Vonage. While this is, in its simplest form, Voice over IP, the capabilities extend far beyond this. The true advantages to a Voice over IP phone system are not only in cost savings, but in the additional features that are possible through simple software configuration. 

Auto-Attendants with menu options allow for a more efficient manner of directing call flow. Ring groups, hunt groups, and “follow-me” services allow for callers to reach employees wherever they may be, making your employees more accessible to your customers. With features such as forwarding lines to cell phones and delivering voicemail to your email, we help keep you connected. A missed call is a missed opportunity. 

Choosing the right VoIP service provider can be a challenge. Many VoIP service providers exist, however many GOOD service providers are harder to find. We offer a blend of the best VoIP service providers that have proven reliability and service. 

Choosing the right VoIP phone system is an important task. VoIP phone systems can either be hosted on a cloud environment or run in house; there are advantages and disadvantages to both scenarios. Further, there are dozens of VoIP PBX vendors with a variety of features and limitations. 

When considering a VoIP Solution, contact us and we will guide you through the process.