Structured Cabling

Why have structured cabling in your business atmosphere?

Structured cabling, usually being a 4 pair UTP (unshielded twisted pair), has been in use for many years now, with the advent of accessible computing in small and medium sized businesses. Regardless of facility, whether in a retail shop, hospitality, food, office, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, or service industries, chances are good, your organization has some form of structured cabling. What started in the early 1980’s as category 3 cabling has evolved, and most new installations now install CAT6e or CAT6a to keep up with the customer’s demands.  These growing needs have gone from simply dial tone lines to supporting LAN’s, wireless devices, IP CCTV cameras, VoIP telephones and even video conferencing equipment..

It is just as important for one computer or telephone to be wired correctly, as it is for 10 or 100 devices.  Lack of stability due to improperly installed cabling can result in the loss of business and productivity.  Loss of sales and productivity is an extreme hit to the bottom line in today’s business atmosphere, so it is imperative to have proper infrastructure.  Proper Infrastructure starts with proper Structured Cabling.

The thought process of “we can run our own” as it is “only telecommunications cabling” usually leads to a mess of poorly marked cables run up the exterior walls of a building, spliced in to junction boxes, and terminated with jacks that eventually get knocked loose.  All too often we then get a panic call that their service is down and they are unable to operate and perform their functions.  Unfortunately for these customers, it is only at this point that they realize the value of properly installed structured cable.  It is the strongest component of your backbone network.

There is a professional way for structured cabling to be installed following National Codes, Industry standards and best practices to prevent your network failures stemming from your cabling and to enhance your investment for the future.

Depending on the size of your location(s) a solution of a properly designed network infrastructure should give you many years of successful deployments and enhancements to compliment your businesses success and improve profitability.