Server Administration

Whether you run a Windows or Linux environment, servers need to be maintained. Patches and updates are released not only for the operating server, but for the servers themselves, as well as the applications running on those servers. Patches and updates correct issues in prior versions and are essential in keeping your servers running at peak performance. Servers that are left unmanaged can be left vulnerable or start to develop issues due to aging hardware that is left unnoticed until the server is down. 

When deploying new applications and services, properly configured servers make all the difference. There really is much more to it than just “install the operating system”. Windows or Linux, we make sure the infrastructure is sound. 

Screaming Technologies pro-actively maintains our clients servers and monitors servers for issues. Whether it needs Microsoft patches, the Linux distribution needs to be updated, or disk space is being heavily consumed, we will know before you and take the correct actions before a small issue can turn in to a big issue. Our pro-active monitoring takes place 24x7x365 and we’re flexible on when patches and updates are applied, minimizing impact on your core business.