Network Design

How do your users access your servers? Are they running through old antiquated hubs or are they flowing through a fully switched environment? Do the heaviest used servers have enough bandwidth to service all of the users? Where are the bottlenecks on the network for throughput? 

Designing a network for throughput maximizes efficiency and speed of the flow of data. Faster access to data means your users won’t be left sitting waiting for data from servers. 

Many environments also need to segregate data through the use of VLANs (Virtual LANs). VLANs allow you to utilize the same hardware for all users, but logically divide up the flow of data by tagging appropriates to run through different logical channels. If you have a mix of Voice and Data on your LAN, you probably want Voice data to be assigned a higher priority. 

How do you guarantee that bandwidth is available for mission critical applications, such as Voice? This can be accomplished through the use of appropriate equipment and a sound configuration. QoS (Quality of Service) profiles can mark data as having priority over other data. 

Proper infrastructure is required before your applications can perform as they should. Screaming Technologies can design, implement, and build you a solid network that maximizes throughput for mission critical applications, giving priority to applications where appropriate.