Email Solutions

Email is the preferred form of communication for many businesses these days. Is a shared email hosting plan appropriate for your business, or do you need your own email server? If you need your own email server, do you go with an Exchange solution? Do you need the ability to share calendars? Have remote access via webmail? Who handles email issues as they arise? 

If you are running your own email server, there are a few main considerations to keep in mind. Spam and virus filtering are near the top of the list. Email is a common mode of transmitting viruses these days. Spam email has become more advanced and evolved to the point where it can sometimes be hard to decipher between what is real and what is fake. 

When you are conducting business over email, how do you preserve that information in the event you need to refer to it down the road, such as in client/vendor disputes, or legal proceedings? Unless your employees are preserving each and every email, and they are backing up data on a regular basis, this can be a major concern for most business. 

How do you prevent an employee from communicating something that will put your business at risk via email? Proper Data Loss Prevention methods must be in place in order to prevent your company from being at risk. 

Screaming Technologies has experience in building, implementing and managing a variety of different email platforms. From Exchange servers to open source solutions, we understand the mechanics of how email servers operate. Further, we can off you enterprise level SPAM/Virus filtering and Data Loss Prevention solutions to keep your employees safe and in compliance.